Today's Postings for: Rochester, NY
Postings for: 06-29-16

23:59:09 Rochester Classifieds Online Posting Digest for: 06-29-16
22:52:35 [RCO] FREE: Cuke & Melon dust, sulfer dust, rose dust and Miracid - take all
22:48:30 [RCO] FREE: Rainbow Floor, carpet and Air Freshner
22:43:47 [RCO] FREE: Turtle Wax and Amore All Quick Silver wheel cleaner
22:39:19 [RCO] FREE: Quart of grey Semi-Gloss Enamel
22:37:36 [RCO] FREE: Quart of Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner
22:35:04 [RCO] FS: Two bottles of Castrol HD 30 Heavy Duty Motor oil $5
22:29:02 [RCO] FS: Never used container of Saturn Vehicle Polish $5
22:24:46 [RCO] FS: Most of a gallon of Thompson's WaterSeal Deck Wash $5
17:14:09 [RCO] FS: BJ's July Dates - 2 Options: APRIL 5th BJ's Wholesale Club on-site Sign-Up and MBB (July 1st thru 21st)
17:11:56 [RCO] FS: Rock and Mineral Collection
17:04:41 [RCO] FS: Wicker Computer Desk
16:59:21 [RCO] FS: Wicker Computer Desk
16:54:41 [RCO] FS: Wicker Computer Desk $60
15:28:34 [RCO] FS: Boys Trek bike 20 inch black $20
11:24:48 [RCO] FS: - 12v Inflation Machine -cordless multi-purpose cordless/12v inflator
11:19:10 [RCO] FS: Fly the Flag on the forth of July - 20' Flag Pole with American Flag
11:08:21 [RCO] FS: Samsung Galaxy S6 Otter Box Case
11:08:17 [RCO] FS: Children's Tablet
11:07:49 [RCO] FS: Wifi Extender
11:07:29 [RCO] FS: Children's Leapster Explorer
09:05:17 [RCO] FS: Kids Banzai Motorized Thunder Boat for pool, lake, pond
09:03:37 [RCO] FS: Gas grill
07:53:44 [RCO] FS: Gas Trimmer
06:39:01 [RCO] FS: Pearson 23' Sailboat $1,850 Canandaigua
23:59:08 Rochester Classifieds Online Posting Digest for: 06-28-16