Here are the rules of the Rochester Classifieds Online service....


Service Do's and Don'ts:

Do (actually MUST): Use one of the following Subject-Prefixes (including the colon) in the beginning of the Subject field of every posting to enable processing of your posting.  Failure to do so will result in your message not being delivered to the DL and a Bounce e-mail will be sent to you with an explanation of the failure.

  • IR:  Use this to REQUEST INFORMATION from others
  • FS:  Use this when you have items FOR SALE
  • WTB:  Use this when you WANT TO BUY something
  • FREE:  Use this when you have something to GIVE AWAY
  • SOLD:  Use this to indicate an item is SOLD (see "Don't" below)
  • GONE:  Use this to indicate that a FREE item is GONE
  • TRADE:  Use this to indicate you have something to TRADE
  • WANTED:  Use this to indicate that you something is WANTED.  This is a catch all for things that don't fit in the IR or WTB categories.  Please remember the rules though... no begging for stuff.
  • FOUND:  Use this to indicate that you have FOUND your wanted item or information

Don't: Post the same message more often than once per week!

Don't: Post a SOLD posting unless you are being badgered by people


Things which you must pay for prior to posting:

  1. Business postings of any kind.  This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Animal / Pet Sales
    2. Side jobs
    3. Home businesses
    4. Retail / Commercial Businesses
    5. All Job Postings
    6. Business merchandise of any kind
    7. Flyers
    8. Rentals of any kind, including SUBLETS and TIMESHARES
    9. Consulting such as Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc...
  2. Real estate postings of any kind.  This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Houses/Buildings for sale
    2. Land for sale
    3. Condo sales

Things that are are NOT ALLOWED to post to this service:

  1. Sale of guns/firearms or ammunition of any kind.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  2. Requests for donations of any kind - Exception is Not-for-profit Orgs.
  3. Requests for recommendations or information about "XYZ Company"
  4. Compilations of information from a request that you sent out  -  If people are requesting this information, only send the compilation to those who request it.  Compilations of information typically include company names, people's opinions, comments, etc...  This should not be send to the DL, unless of course you want to pay the $10 advertising fee for every business that you mention in the compilation.
  5. General information about ANYTHING -  This is not a chat board.  Just because something interests you, it doesn't mean that the other hundreds of subscribers will be interested. 
  6. Comments about this service or other's postings - All complaints/comments should be sent only to [email protected] .  I will handle the complaints as they come in.
  8. The posting of any animal/pet on this service will be considered a business advertisement and thus will be subject to a business advertising fee.  Rodents  and reptiles are excluded from this unless you are running a business.  NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS.  If you own a pet/animal business or are a pet owner looking to sell your pet, you must pre-pay for the advertisement.  Failure to pay the advertising fee for an animal/pet posting may result in termination of service and/or legal pursuit for theft of services.



Finally... Here is what you are allowed to post:

  1. You are allowed to advertise personal merchandise that is legal to sell in New York State (Exceptions are above).
  2. You are allowed to post "Wanted" messages for anything (service, merchandise, info, etc... ) for personal use and that is legal in New York State.  Exception above: Do not ask for information about a specific company.  This is considered advertising.
  3. FREE Not for Profit advertising is allowed.  Please contact owner for details.

Without warning or notification, the service provider will take the following action for rule violations, Spamming or Advertising without payment offenses:

Violators will be removed from the dl and blocked permanently from further use, and possibly legally pursued for theft of services.

If you are interested in advertising a business on this service or have any questions or problems at all with this service, please contact [email protected].

By remaining a member of the Rochester Classifieds Online service, you agree to the above rules and also agree to the Terms and Conditions of this service.

If you do not agree to adhere to the above rules and the Terms and Conditions, you should unsubscribe from this service immediately.

Thanks for being a Rochester Classifieds Online service subscriber!